About NightOps

NightOps is an international modding team for the Arma Platform providing game-modifications for Arma 3 and Arma Reforger.
For the latest entry in the franchise, we offer dynamic frameworks, custom gamemodes and additional gameplay-features for a diverse, immersive and complex single- and multiplayer experience with the outstanding games by Bohemia Interactive.
It’s part of our philosophy to share all knowledge with our fans and the whole Arma community. That’s why we maintain thi website with documentation and tutorials about our mods including the source code for public use.
You can find complete articles how to setup our frameworks in your own map, how to learn from our showcase-campaigns or just how to create a unique coop mission.
You can find the latest news and status updates on our Twitter feed.
Please feel free to contact us all the time on our official discord server if you need additional support with our work, Arma or the Enfusion engine.


We test our mods all the time to assure the best quality as possible. But feel free to feedback us bugs you find.


We support or mods on many ways to make it easy-to-use for the players to just use it or to establish own mods with its dependency.


We develop our frameworks as dynamic as possible for a diverse but unique experience

Open Source

We share all our code on GitHub so everyone can re-use it and learn the things we’ve done

Arma Reforger

Powered by the new Enfusion engine, Arma Reforger lets you fight for supremacy over 51 km2 of incredible island terrain in an authentic Cold War setting, or create unique scenarios in real-time with the Game Master curation mode. Return to Everon, the war-driven microstate from the hit game that started it all, Arma: Cold War Assault also known as Operation Flashpoint.

Latest resources

We offer a wide range of diverse modifications to use in Arma 3 and Arma Reforger from custom campaigns till full framework dependencies