NightOps – Dynamic Cobat Patrol (DCP)

DYNAMIC COMBAT PATROL is a coop-mode for up to 10 players to generate combat missions randomly on the whole map till all locations are liberated. Every patrol offers a random task and once the mission is done, there might be an ambush even at the exfil zone.
While liberating more and more locations, the players will unlock NEW LOADOUTS. But the occupants will also grow stronger. Once returned to the starting camp, players can start a new patrol and the gamemode will choose another occupied (not yet liberated) location. The scenario is finished once all occupied locations are liberated. While every location is picked randomly, the gametype choose one of 6 task-types and makes sure, not to offer the same in a row. Players have to sabotage vehicle, infiltrate areas to steal intel, extract hostages, hunt down HVTs or raid towns or convoys with heavy vehicles and allied troops… The mode can be setup easily via modules in EDEN editor for every terrain and every DLC, CDLC or timeline using the tutorial we provide here on the website.

  • Coop gamemode for 1-10 players
  • Generates dynamic missions with 6 different mission-types
  • Dedicated Server friendly
  • Persistent progress (dedicated server and local host supported)
  • Easy to install on own terrains or other factions via modules

    Go To: Arma 3 Workshop (Steam)

DCP – Malden 2035

MALDEN 2035 – The region is occupied by opposing forces. US troops are deployed to liberate the area step by step… players start on a little island and with basic US equipment from the 2035 timeline. They can unload more classes like Combat Medic, Marksman, AT-Specialist and more step by step every 2-3 missions they finish.

Go To: Arma 3 Workshop (Steam)