Arma Reforger Tutorial - NightOps Basic Mission Guide


To create a custom loadout we need to first make the loadout as a “Character” and then add that character to the Loadout Manager, which is one of the children of the NO_CoopSetup game mode prefab we added earlier.


The easiest way to create a new loadout is to add either the closest matching prefab character and edit it or to add a base character and build them from scratch. For this tutorial we’ll take the base US Rifleman and turn it into a grenadier, requiring a new weapon (with the M203) and new equipment. First, save the world editor and go back to the main workbench screen, as below:

In the Resource Browser navigate to ArmaReforger>Prefabs>Characters>Factions>BLUFOR>US_Army, right click on Character_US_Rifleman.et and select “duplicate to PROJECTNAME”:

Give it an appropriate name, I’ve called mine “Character_US_GL_BoGC.et”. Right click on this and select “Edit Prefab(s)”:

This will open the prefab in the world editor, closing your mission world. If you had unsaved changes it will prompt you to save them before opening the prefab. Your screen should look something like this, and we’re ready to edit the loadout:


To edit the look of our soldier, change the vest or add a backpack, go to the Object Properties and find “BaseLoadoutManagerComponent”:

All of the premade equipment can be found under ArmaReforger>Prefabs>Characters, with headgear found in headgear, footwear in footwear etc. Backpacks are found under ArmaReforger>Prefabs>Items>Equipment>Backpacks. In order to swap the helmet for a new one, open the Helmet category and click on the .. under prefab:

And select one of the helmets from the list. You’ll get a preview of what the helmet looks like. I’ve changed mine to have a helmet with goggles on:


Changing weapons is similar. In the Object Properties you have three CharacterWeaponSlotComponents. By clicking on these you can see if they are primary or secondary weapons (secondary weapons being sidearms such as pistols). Weapon Slot Index 0 is your first primary weapon (such as a rifle) and Weapon Slot Index 1 is your second primary weapon (such as an RPG or a second rifle).

We want to change the rifleman’s M16 to an M16 with an M203. So click on the top CharacterWeaponSlotComponent and click on the “…” in the Weapon Template, to select the weapon. Weapon prefabs are found under ArmaReforger>Prefabs>Weapons.

The same screen as with the helmet will show, with the preview of the weapon. I’ve selected the M16A2 with M23:


To add equipment such as bandages, magazines and grenades to the character inventory, go to SCR_InventoryStorageManagerComponent in the Object Properties:

The character will already have its rifleman loadout, with ammunition for its rifle, grenades, a map, a field dressing, a radio etc. We’re going to want to add some grenades for the M203. Items such as field dressings are found under ArmaReforger>Prfabs>Items, whereas ammunition is found under ArmaReforger>Prefabs>Weapons>Magazines (NOT Ammo) and grenades under ArmaReforger>Prefabs>Weapons>Grenades. M203 and GP25 rounds are an exception and are found under ArmaReforger>Prefabs>Weapons>Ammo – just to be confusing! This is likely because you are loading the projectile directly into the weapon, rather than loading the projectile into a magazine which then goes into the weapon.

To add an item you first need to say exactly where it will be stored. In Reforger, how your webbing is organised (at least for the US ALICE webbing) matters as you have to select which individual pouch to store the item. These locations are the ItemsInitConfigurationItem sections. If you added a new piece of equipment, such as a backpack, you’ll need to add a new layer by clicking the + next to “Initial Inventory Items”

For now, however, just open the second ItemsInitConfigurationItem – this should be a standard ALICE pouch with three magazines in

Click on the + next to Prefabs to Spawn to add a new row

Then click on the “..” on the new line to open the prefab selection menu:

Navigate to ArmaReforger>Prefabs>Weapons>Ammo and select Ammo_Grenade_HEDP_M433.et:

Click OK, and your character will now have a HEDP grenade for the M203 in its pouch! For someone like a grenadier you’re likely to need mroe space, so it’s worth giving them a backpack or a more expansive carrier.

If you want to add the same item again, add a new row, then click on the row of the item you want to copy (but not in the text field), and select “Copy Value”, Then right click on the new row and select “Paste Value”:


Make sure you save your character and then reopen your world. Click on the dropdown next to NO_CoopSetup1 to see all of the managers, and click on the loadout manager from the list – it should be the bottom one:

In the object propertie, you can rename the Coop Loadout (US) to Rifleman, and then click on the + next to player loadouts, selecting SCR_FactionPlayerLoadout from the list:

Give your loadout a name, and set the faction to US. Click on the “..” next to loadout resource, navigate to your ProjectFolder>Prefabs>Characters>Factions>BLUFOR>US_Army and select your new character

You can also add a “Loadout Image”, which will appear next to the loadout name in the Respawn Menu. These need to be .edds files and there are defaults in the ArmaReforger folders under ArmaReforger>UI>Textures>EditorPreviews>Characters and then >BLUFOR>US_Army for the US images.

Now your new loadout will appear as an option in the respawn menu! You may need to restart the workbench for your changes to take effect.

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