Arma Reforger Tutorial - NightOps Basic Mission Guide


There are two main ways in the framework to end the mission. The first, is to end the mission using the tasks, so that when a certain task is complete the mission ends. You can use this with a mutlitask to allow players to complete several objectives in any order, then when all of them are complete the mission ends. However, we’re going to introduce another feature in this section that can be used to end the mission (and more!) which is the mission trigger.

As well as ending the mission, the mission trigger can be used to teleport players, spawn AI and activate tasks. So, you could have a mission where players start at a base with different mission triggers to allow players to be teleported to a mission location, spawn the mission, complete the mission, then extract and be teleported back to base eady to start one of the other missions. There’s also a radio selector such as in the Night Ops mission 2, although this won’t be covered in this tutorial as it’s a little more complex.

I’m going to use a mission trigger on the extract location so that when all players are at the extract marker, the mission ends. At the moment this trigger will always be active, however this will be changing very soon. I could use a quick script to make the trigger only active after the extract task has been added, but that’s again a bit beyond the scope of this tutorial.

Set Phase_2 as your active layer and navigate in the resource browser to NightOpsCustomModesFramework>Prefabs>MP>Triggers, then find NO_MissionTrigger.et and drag it onto the map where you want your trigger to be placed:

The mission trigger is a very powerful tool that is able to teleport all players, change spawnpoints on or off (or switch their faction), finish or unlock (create) tasks, spawn AI with the dynamic spawn framework, change the weather or end the game.

The only bits we’ll be using now however are the Player Trigger and Game Over Sections. The Player Trigger section is how we want it be default – we want the trigger active at the start of the mission and we want the trigger to activate when all players are within it. I’m going to check the “Enable Game Over” box to make the mission end when all players are within the trigger area (be advised, the trigger area is drawn by default so you will also need to change this in the Unsorted section).


You may notice when the mission ends you get a generic “Mission Name” “Mission Description” end screen. This is done on the NO_CoopSetup manager prefab, through one of the components “SCR_GameOverScreenManager”:

There are 17 default end screens, all of which can be edited. You can also change the endscreen delay, which is the delay between locking the player and showing the actual endscreen. There’s also an option to change the game over prefab – but I’d advise against this unless you know what you’re doing! The end screen we’re using is EDITOR_FACTION_VICTORY:

There are lots of options you can change here but the most important are Title and Subtitle, which I’m going to change to “Mission Complete” and “All Players Extracted!”

Now the mission will end, and we’re almost at a completed COOP mission!


As it stands the briefing element in Reforger is somewhat limited. What you can do is add introductory text, hints and/or victory conditions to the respawn menu. Note that you can have either introductory text or victory conditions – not both!

On the NO_CoopSetup1 there a component called SCR_RespawnBriefingComponent, which is where all of the information for the respawn briefing is kept:

The Description field will appear in the introductory text. You can use <br/> in the Description to create new lines – I recommend typing it out in notepad first and copying it in! Remember that there is limited space and you can’t scroll up or down, you can get around 12-15 lines in there:

Hint are fairly self explanatroy, use the “+” to add new hints and the “..” next to Icon to change/add the banner behind the hint text.

Win conditions will appear as bullet points instead of the introductory text. The Victory Condition drop down will change what icon is shown as the bullet point, and the name won’t actually be shown in the UI.

Victory conditions will appear time this:

There is also a custom message on the faction screen. This can be made blank to remove it, but is found under the SCR_RespawnMenuHandlerComponent as “Faction Menu Message”

Which is a component of the NO_CoopSetup1:


Mission’s done! We’re ready to put the mission onto the workshop!

To publish your scenario we need to give Reforger some more information about it. Make sure you save your world in the world editor and then close it. Reopen the Enfusion Workbench Resource Browser – this should still be open in another window and will look something like this:

Remember that “Missions” folder we made earlier? We’re going to use it! Go into the Missions folder and click on “Create” again and create a “Config file”:

Give the config file a name, with no special characters, and then select SCR_MissionHeader from the list:

Double click on the new .conf file to open the Config Editor view. Click on the “..” by the World field and select the Mission World we created earlier (in the Worlds folder of your project folder):

For the Icon, Loading Screen and Preview Image the defaults are not functional. So, you need to make your own image! Make a JPG save it anywhere. Then go to your project folder and click “Import”:

Use the “..” buttons to change all three images to a .edds file in the project folder. These can be in a separate “images” folder if you want, but I’ve put mine in the root project folder:

My completed config file looks like this:

To actually publish your mission, click on “Workbench” and then “Publish Your Project.” You will need to be logged in to a BI account for this:

Fill in all of the fields (screenshots and tags are not required but help!) and set it to the appropriate Visbility. The preview image must be in your project folder and the Project Name is what will appear in the workshop – it has a 30 character limit, so be careful! Then click on the Bundle button to make the mission ready for publishing:

If it’s successful, you’ll get this pop up:

Click the Publish button, and your mission will go onto the workshop!

Congratulations! You’ve made a mission! There’s a lot more that’s possible, and we’ll be adding more documentation and tutorials to this website as time goes on, but for now – enjoy playing!

The mission I created here can found on GitHub – however I added an arsenal crate for the start so that people can try out whatever gear they want.

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