DynamicFaction GroupPrefabs Definition


There are two types of group prefabs:

  • /Groups/DynamicFaction/..
  • /Groups/

They have one big difference from the Dynamic Faction ones there is this field populated:

And on the other ones is the prefab field populated:


How to use the Prefabs:

  1. You can always ignore the SpawnManager with the checkbox: “IgnoreSpawnManagerAndUSePrefabs”
  2. If there is no SpawnManager at all it will fallback to using the prefabs only


  1. You can always spawn the same faction doesn’t matter which it set on the SpawnManager
  2. Great for making Civil Cities


  1. You can not change there faction to spawn on runtime


How to use the Dynamic Faction:

  1. Make sure this checkbox is not set: “IgnoreSpawnManagerAndUSePrefabs”
  2. Make sure you have a SpawnManager in the Scene


  1. You can change which faction it should spawn in realtime
  2. You can have server settings that would allow the player to choose which side they wanna play your mission on


  1. It does not despawn the Ais to spawn new ones if you change the cation on runtime so do it before it get triggered.


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