The Ai Spawner Component does Spawn the chosen prefabs or teams which are selcted over the Spawns or Prefab list on the Spawn Manager. It has specific parameters to tweak to your liking. See variables.

Unit Select


Name Real Name Category Description
Spawn Immediately m_bSpawnImmediately Spawn Manager If checked, spawns group immediately FYI: if you change the faction on the spawn manager while inGame the already spawned AI’s will not respawn as new faction.
Respawn m_bRespawn Spawn Manager If checked, respawn when died.
Should Stack m_bShouldStack Spawn Manager Stack all selection until player count.
Negative Z Offset m_fNegativeZOffset Spawn Manager Negative spawn offset on the Z axis so that mutliple Ais do not spawn in each other.
Spawns m_rSpawns Spawn Manager Define the spawns teams.
Ai Group Type m_eAiGroupType Spawn Manager Team Override Override any select on this spawn with this team
Ignore Spawn Manager And Use Prefabs m_bIgnoreSpawnManagerAndUsePrefabs Detaile Spawn (without spawn manager) Ignore the Spawn Manager
Name Type Description
GetSpawnedAgent array<AIAgent> get the spawned agent
RemoveSpawned void Will delete the spawned prefab
DoSpawn bool Will directly spawned the prefab depending the settings and return if it did work
IsSpawned bool return if the AI already has spawned
DoSpawnDefault bool Calls DoSpawn and return if it did Spawn


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