NO_SCR_DeploymentAction [WIP]

A DeploymentAction is a user action that will communicate with a DeploymentComponent placed on the same entity.

Like any user action it needs to be placed on the ActionsManagerComponent, any prefabs with existing actions such as Vehicles will already have this.

From there it’s as simple as adding an additional action to the array of type NO_SCR_DeploymentAction, assigning a parent context (I will use the ignition switch) and giving it a Name.

Additional options worth checking out are the duration it takes to complete the action. And the deploy/undeploy text, which can be changed to something more relevant such as build/tear down.

Name Real Name Description
Deploy Text m_sDeployText Renames the ‘DEPLOY: ‘ part of the action.
Undeploy Text m_sUndeployText Renames the ‘UNDEPLOY: ‘ part of the action.
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