NO_SCR_DeploymentComponent [WIP]

A DeploymentComponent can perform a range of ‘Deployments’ when requested by a DeploymentAction on the same entity.

This Vehicle has the following deployments on a single action:

  • Spawnpoint – Spawns a spawnpoint prefab which can then be used by its faction, US/USSR/FIA are already provided.
  • Immobilizer – Disables a vehicles movement while deployed, can also apply the handbrake on deployment.
  • Hint – Allows for the showing of customized hints on deploy/undeploy.

For the SpawnpointDeployment, you are required to have a SCR_SpawnPoint entity as a child (currently first found only). This can be any faction, can be customized like any other SpawnPoint, with the exception that the faction key should be left blank.


Name Real Name Category Description
Is Deployed m_bIsDeployed Deployment Is deployed on game start.
Deploy Only m_bDeployOnly Deployment Can only be deployed.
Deployments m_aDeployments Deployment Use provided or design your own deployments.
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