The Env Spawner Component is there to Spawn Vehicles or Prefabs of any form.



There can be Problems if there are no RPL Component on the child of that prefab so they do not spawn on the clients.

To Change that duplicate that specific prefab and give the children there needed RplComponent. (Example on the GIT https://github.com/devinSpitz/NightOps-DynamicSpawnFramework#known-issues)


Name Category Description
m_rnDefaultPrefabs   Define the spawns.
m_bSpawnImmediately   If checked, spawns immediately.
m_fOccupiedSpace   Radius that one prefab does occupied. Needed when there are multiple prefabs in there.
m_fFreeSpaceRadios   Radius in which should get searched for free place. Needed when there are multiple prefabs in there.
m_bRespawn   If checked, respawn when gone or died. Does not work always
m_bRespawnCheckTime   Only if respawn is enabled: How much time should be waitet between the check if the env is gone?
m_rDynamicSpawns   You can define dynamic faction spawns here if m_bEnableDynamicEnv is enabled
m_bEnableDynamicEnv    If checked it will enable the dynamic environment spawns and disable the prefab ones
Name Return Type Description
GetSpawnedenviroment array<Ientity> get the spawned prefabs
RemoveSpawned void Will delete the spawned prefab
DoSpawn bool Will directly spawned the prefab depending the settings and return if it did work
DoSpawnDefault bool Calls DoSpawn and return if it did Spawn
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