The ForceTimeAndWeatherComponent should be placed on a GameMode entity, one is already included in the NO_CoopSetup prefab.

See also: NO_SCR_ForceTimeAndWeatherEntry (MissionTrigger)

Once placed you may go the the Force Time and Weather section and click ‘set class‘ as shown below. From here you may set any options to be applied on game start, randomize will make random any of the other ‘use’ boxes that are ticked.

The reset on first player connect is an experimental option to address missions that can run on servers for many hours, allowing the time/weather state to drift dramatically.
With the idea being any time an empty server has a player connect the below settings are reapplied, effectively resetting it to the ‘fresh’ state.

It is termed experimental simply because not all possible in game settings are being covered, although all the notable ones are.

The legacy section is purely for backwards compatibility, does nothing and will be gone in a future update.

Name Real Name Category Description
Reset On First Player Connect m_bResetOnFirstPlayerConnect FORCE TIME AND WEATHER If enabled, will set the time/weather below on every first player connection to a previously empty server!
Change Time And Weather m_pChangeTimeAndWeather FORCE TIME AND WEATHER Time/weather changes to make.

Variable entries are also covered here NO_SCR_ForceTimeAndWeatherEntry.

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