This script can be socketed into a NO_SCR_MissionTrigger to enable time and weather customization when triggered. Alternatively a NO_SCR_SimpleTimeSkipEntry could be used instead.

See also: NO_SCR_ForceTimeAndWeatherComponent (GameMode)

The randomize checkbox will randomize any use boxes that also get ticked (use custom time, use custom weather).

The time and weather advancement boxes (if unchecked), simply stop time progression and weather states transitions.
Do note that disabling it in one trigger while leaving it ticked in another can re-enable it.

The day cycle duration is the number of actual seconds within a in game day, with the default/maximum being real time.

The SimpleTimeSkip can even be used within the more advanced ForceTimeAndWeather via the ‘or time skip’ socket.
This will override the custom time of the day setting, the use custom time option must still be checked.

Name Real Name Category Description
Randomize m_bRandomize ON/OFF If enabled, the settings below are ignored and dice get rolled. Individual On/Off settings are still taken into account!
Use Custom Date m_bUseCustomDate ON/OFF If enabled, custom date will be used.
Use Custom Time m_bUseCustomTime ON/OFF If enabled, custom time of the day will be used.
Custom Weather m_bUseCustomWeather ON/OFF If enabled, custom weather Id will be used.
Use Custom Latitude Longitude m_bUseCustomLatitudeLongitude ON/OFF If enabled, custom Latitude/Longitude will be used.
Time Advancement m_bTimeAdvancement ON/OFF If disabled, time will standstill.
Weather Advancement m_bWeatherAdvancement ON/OFF If disabled, the weather state will not transition.
Custom Year m_iCustomYear SETTINGS Set to specified year.
Custom Month m_iCustomMonth SETTINGS Set to specified month.
Custom Day m_iCustomDay SETTINGS Set to specified day.
Custom Time Of The Day m_fCustomTimeOfTheDay SETTINGS Set to specified time.
Custom Weather m_sCustomWeather SETTINGS Set to specified weather state.
Day Cycle Duration m_fDayCycleDuration SETTINGS Number of realtime seconds in one in game day, default is REALTIME.
Custom Latitude m_fCustomLatitude SETTINGS Set to specified latitude.
Custom Longitude m_fCustomLongitude SETTINGS Set to specified longitude.
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