In order to have working mission selections you must have an entity with both a MissionSelectionManagerComponent and a MissionSelectionAction located inside of an ActionsManagerComponent. The entity also requires an RplComponent.

You should change the default save file name (make sure it ends in .json), as this is required if you want multiple MissionSelectors but also to avoid reading and writing to other peoples scenarios who are making use of a mission selector.

The save file is used to enable mission persistence, this works locally or on servers to assuming they have write access to their profile folders. Profiles can be specified with -profile ArmaReforgerServer as a server launch option.

All other options are explained in the table below and ending the mission via the game over settings will cause a reset of the persistent state.

Name Real Name Category Description
SaveFileName m_sSaveFileName MISSION SELECTION MANAGER Filename for the save file for this mission selection manager!
HideActiveMission m_bHideActiveMission MISSION SELECTION MANAGER Hide the active mission, or show it greyed out with the option to set custom mission text on the actions ‘On Mission Text’
EnableGameOver m_bEnableGameOver GAME OVER End game on all mission selections complete!
GameOverType m_iGameOverType GAME OVER Customize these on SCR_GameOverScreenManagerComponent on SCR_BaseGameMode.
IWinningFactionKey m_sWinningFactionKey GAME OVER Key of winning faction, or player faction if draw.
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