The MissionTrigger is a type of PlayerTrigger that can fire off common mission goals/changes when triggered.
Its options can be configured as described below.

Do note when teleporting players you must place at least one SCR_Position entity (with hierarchy component) as a child.
A prefab has been supplied to help with this.

This MissionTrigger is setup to spawn BadGuys via the Dynamic Spawn Framework.
Assign a task via the Dynamic Task Framework.
Remove the initial spawn point and unlock another.
Teleport the connected players to one or more child SCR_Position’s.

Name Real Name Category Description
Player Trigger Quota m_PlayerTriggerQuota PLAYER TRIGGER Quota type in use.
Activate On Task State m_aActivateOnTaskState PLAYER TRIGGER Activate once one of the specified tasks reaches the specified state. MultiTasks can also be used.
Is Active m_bIsActive PLAYER TRIGGER Is trigger active at game start?
Is Repeatable m_bIsRepeatable MISSION CHANGES If enabled, mission trigger will not disable after first firing!
Delay m_fDelay MISSION CHANGES Delay the triggers action (in seconds).
NO Spawn Trigger Names m_sNOSpawnTriggerNames MISSION CHANGES Name of NO_SpawnTriggers to spawn.
NO Despawn Trigger Names m_sNODespawnTriggerNames MISSION CHANGES Name of NO_SpawnTriggers to despawn.
Task State Changes m_aTaskStateChanges MISSION CHANGES Task state changes to make.
Spawnpoint Changes m_aSpawnpointChanges MISSION CHANGES Spawnpoint changes to make.
Mission Selection Manager Name m_sMissionSelectionManagerName MISSION CHANGES Name of an entity with a MissionSelectionManagerComponent.
End Mission Selections m_aEndMissionSelections MISSION CHANGES Name of MissionSelectionAction’s to end on the manager above.
Change Time And Weather m_pChangeTimeAndWeather MISSION CHANGES Time/weather changes to make.
Enable Teleport m_bEnableTeleport TELEPORT If enabled, will teleport all players to child SCR_Position’s picked at random.
Teleport Radius m_fTeleportRadius TELEPORT Random deviation radius from a chosen position.
Safety Radius m_fSafetyRadius TELEPORT Search radius for safe spot from random chosen position.
Custom Hint m_pCustomHint UI Show this hint on trigger, blank for none.
Custom Popup m_pCustomPopup UI Show this pop-up on trigger, blank for none.
Enable Game Over m_bEnableGameOver GAME OVER End game on trigger activation!
Game Over Type m_iGameOverType GAME OVER Customize these on SCR_GameOverScreenManagerComponent on SCR_BaseGameMode.
Winning Faction Key m_sWinningFactionKey GAME OVER Key of winning faction, or player faction if draw.
Finish Task Names m_sFinishTaskNames LEGACY Name of a NO_SCR_EditorTask to finish.

Deprecated, use Task State Changes instead.

Unlock Task Names m_sUnlockTaskNames LEGACY Name of a NO_SCR_EditorTask to unlock.

Deprecated, use Task State Changes instead.

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