The Task Trigger can be used for many things and any state of the task. There are many ways to state a task to a state you want with different stuff that happens in that trigger.

It always has to be a child of the task on which the action should be done.

Trigger Type

Activate Type

When Type Trigger


Name Real Name Category Description
Trigger Type m_tTriggerType TaskManager What should that trigger do to its parent Task?
Activate Type m_eActivateType TaskManager When should the trigger check for the action?”
When Type Trigger m_eWhenTypeTrigger TaskManager Condition?
Trigger Named Object m_sTriggerNamedObject TaskManager When the Condition is on NamedObject than you ahve to set the name here
One Time Trigger m_bOneTimeTrigger TaskManager Should the trigger only work one time?
Player Only m_bPlayerOnly TaskManager Only player are counted
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