This Spawner will spawn the Ai and also assign the child move waypoints as well as the GetInNearest waypoint at the end.

Supported Mods:

  1. The move waypoints can be interchanged with every other waypoint that’s based on the SCR_AIWaypoint as seen in the 3 columns of the picture
  2. You can add or remove as many move (SCR_AIWaypoint) as you want

Fix defined:

  1. Only one GetInNearest waypoint is allowed and also mandatory
  2. The GetInNearest waypoint will always be the last waypoint they go to

  • SpawnAiGroupGetInNearest → NO_SCR_AISpawnerComponent
    • AiWaypointMove → SCR_AiWaypoint
    • AiWaypointMove → SCR_AiWaypoint
    • AiWaypointGetInNearest → SCR_BoardingWaypoint


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