How can I get support about the NightOps mods?

If you struggle to to setup one of our frameworks or mods in your own creation and our tutorials didn’t help you in the way you need, than you can always contact us directly on our official discord server. Feel free to tag one of our team members or just ask in the corresponding channel.

How can I come in touch with the NightOps team?

You can write us via the contact form, you can leave feedback in one of our tutorials or a comment on Twitter. And also, you can always come in direct contact with our developers on our official discord server.

Can I join the NightOps project?

We are always looking for avid coders, talented 3D artists, passionate worldbuilders and experienced mission designers to create and share even more content with the community. And if you just want to playtest en detail, we are always happy about feedback. We are looking forward to hear from you!