NO_CMF Prefab


The MissionTriggerPortPos is a ready to go prefab of a SCR_Position entity (with a hierarchy component pre-attached). This prefab can be placed anywhere in the world where you would like to teleport players with a MissionTrigger. Once placed and rotated, it simply needs to be made a child entity of the MissionTrigger that you wish to use. If several of these prefabs are placed as a child of a MissionTrigger, the teleport destination will be random choosen by one of […]


The MissionTrigger is a prefab for the NO_SCR_MissionTrigger, allowing it to be dragged into the world and immediately used. The child entities are only required for the optional teleporting players feature.   It has an RplComponent attached with streaming set to disabled. Along with the following default trigger settings: TriggerShapeType Sphere SphereRadius 10 DrawShape 1 ShapeColor 0.125 1 0.347 0.498 TriggerActivationType “All changes” PeriodicQueries 1


The CoopSetup is a prefab compilation existing of the gamemode with all components needed for a coop mission and several managers as childs of the paren gamemode aswell. Only Task- und Spawnmanager arent part of the prefab since they are delivered with different frameworks and have to be seperated. HIERACHY: NO_CoopSetup SCR_AIWorld PerceptionManager TagManager RadioManager FactionsManager ScriptedChatEntity MPDestructionManager LoadoutManager_Coop Gamemode Components: SCR_BasegameMode1 NO_SCR_ForceTimeAndWeatherComponent2 SCR_CallsignManagerComponent SCR_DestructionManagerComponent SCR_GameOverScreenManagerComponent3 SCR_GroupsManagerComponent SCR_HintManagerComponent SCR_NametagConfigComponent4 SCR_NotificationSenderComponent SCR_PlayerProfileManagerComponent SCR_PlayerSpawnPointManagerComponent5 SCR_PlayersRestrictionZoneManagerComponent SCR_PossessingManagerComponent SCR_RespawnBriefingComponent6 SCR_RespawnMenuHandlerComponent SCR_RespawnSystemComponent SCR_SaveLoadComponent SCR_VotingManagerComponent RplComponent […]