NO_DSF Script


The spawn Trigger does spawn all spawn / despawn all his children that have a NO_SCR_AISpawnerComponent or a NO_SCR_EnvSpawnerComponent on them. Unit Select   Variables Name Real Name Category Description Delete m_bDelete Spawn Trigger If checked, delete/Despawn when no player is in Trigger! Update Navmesh updateNavmesh Spawn Trigger Update Navmesh when spawning? Randomized Spawns m_bRandomizedSpawns Spawn Trigger Check if the AI spawns should be randomized! Percentage Ai PercentageAi Spawn Trigger How many percentige of the AI spawns should be populated […]


The Spawn Manager allows you to change the Faction that should get spawned midway or just one-time static. It also Contains a list of predefined prefabs so you can change what should get spawned.   NightOps Dynamic Spawn Framework Sourcecode on GitHub Tutorial: Dynamic Spawn Framework Variables Name Real Name Category Description Faction Prefabs m_rFactionPrefabs   A list of Faction with there prefabs Faction To Spawn When Dynamic Faction m_factionToSpawnWhenDynamicFaction   Faction to be spawned     Functions Name Type […]


The Env Spawner Component is there to Spawn Vehicles or Prefabs of any form.   FYI: There can be Problems if there are no RPL Component on the child of that prefab so they do not spawn on the clients. To Change that duplicate that specific prefab and give the children there needed RplComponent. (Example on the GIT https://github.com/devinSpitz/NightOps-DynamicSpawnFramework#known-issues)   Variables Name Category Description m_rnDefaultPrefabs   Define the spawns. m_bSpawnImmediately   If checked, spawns immediately. m_fOccupiedSpace   Radius that one […]


The Ai Spawner Component does Spawn the chosen prefabs or teams which are selcted over the Spawns or Prefab list on the Spawn Manager. It has specific parameters to tweak to your liking. See variables. Unit Select   Variables Name Real Name Category Description Spawn Immediately m_bSpawnImmediately Spawn Manager If checked, spawns group immediately FYI: if you change the faction on the spawn manager while inGame the already spawned AI’s will not respawn as new faction. Respawn m_bRespawn Spawn Manager […]